Full Article Attached Mozilla Looking to Forge Alliances with GNOME and Other Open Source Projects to Combat Longhorn

Tuesday April 6th, 2004

jgraham writes: "Brendan Eich has written an interesting post to the netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey newsgroup outlining some of the plans being made to ensure that Mozilla technology remains useful and relevant in the future. Brendan sees Mozilla developing into an open cross-platform alternative to forthcoming Microsoft technologies such as XAML and is looking to collaborate with other open-source projects to make this happen." The GNOME project is mentioned explicitly. Brendan's message is part of a longer thread about the goals of

#11 Re: XAML is Just A Code Name It's Not A Trademark

by zero0w

Wednesday April 7th, 2004 1:22 AM

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Dude, you are basically repeating what you said. You can repeat what you say to yourself.

No, Microsoft is not going to make XAML like this "all the same" boat. Most people remember what happened to Java and Visual J++. Is it what you call it Java in Microsoft implementation? Why the Sun lawsuit get started?

It's not even about Trademark issue I am worrying about. What you are saying is almost equivalent to say all mark-up languages are the same, now how useful a statement is that is everybody's guess. In actual implementation, I do not believe any way to define all "XUL" are the same is any useful, not to Microsoft, in the least. Yeah, in another Halloween document I remember Microsoft has been trying to make XML Mark-up a standard, that everybody will use _their_ standard.

You can fight for your name-calling issue. But that's irrelevant to the actual competitive development picture, nor it can in anyway ensure compatibility between Microsoft XAML and any other XML User Interface languages out there, including Mozilla's XUL.