Full Article Attached Mozilla Looking to Forge Alliances with GNOME and Other Open Source Projects to Combat Longhorn

Tuesday April 6th, 2004

jgraham writes: "Brendan Eich has written an interesting post to the netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey newsgroup outlining some of the plans being made to ensure that Mozilla technology remains useful and relevant in the future. Brendan sees Mozilla developing into an open cross-platform alternative to forthcoming Microsoft technologies such as XAML and is looking to collaborate with other open-source projects to make this happen." The GNOME project is mentioned explicitly. Brendan's message is part of a longer thread about the goals of

#107 Re: abstract goals vs concrete goals

by brendan <>

Monday April 12th, 2004 1:57 PM

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To get concrete, we need to agree on the high level goals across the alliance. So I started there.

Your post makes some great points that I agree with 100%. I'm not experienced with MXML enough to say how a future XUL + SVG + SMIL might compete, but it's clear there would be more XML namespace selectors on tags, and more indirection through w3 and other standards, whether _de jure_ or _de facto_. This hurts ease of use as well as footprint and performance. So I'm very interested in unifying languages that pull in tags from other XML dialects, in a coherent and easy to use way.

For PocketPC-type device work in Mozilla, see <>. Currently targeting GPE linux handhelds, but WINCE and PalmOS6 are possible future targets. Minimo has no XUL though -- it's "just a web browser".