MozNGW: Mozilla-Based Client for Novell GroupWise

Monday April 5th, 2004

Sohail Mirza writes: " has an article pointing people to MozNGW, a Mozilla-based GroupWise client by RedbackSystems." GroupWise is Novell's corporate communication and collaboration tool. The native Windows client is, in the words of RedbackSystems, "the fat kid that fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down." MozNGW, which was originally going to be based on Opera, is intended to rectify this. As well as MozNGW, RedbackSystems also has several other products, most of which will eventually be rolled into their XULU cross-platform application framework.

#6 Re: Sounds like a Lawsuit?? Doubtful.

by thelem

Tuesday April 6th, 2004 4:21 PM

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I think microsoft would be on shaky ground trying to sue someone for using the icons that windows uses, because there becomes the question of what is part of Windows (which app developers can use) and what isn't (which they presumably can't).

For example, lets start with a basic application which is just a grey screen. It will already use the windows title bar and minimize, close button etc with no legal threats. Now what about if they decide they want to change the font on the title bar, and make their own copying the windows look. Are they breaking the copyright, or just making the application work better with the OS? Now they decide to embed IE, using the standard IE toolbars and IE graphics - no copyright infringment. What about if they then decided to re-implement the toolbar but use the same icons? What if they then change the rendering engine too?

IMO, using standard icons that ship with windows, such as the IE icons, should be considered fitting in with the operating system. Using the icons on another OS would be copyright infringments (as apple have tried to enforce with their Aqua theme).