MozNGW: Mozilla-Based Client for Novell GroupWise

Monday April 5th, 2004

Sohail Mirza writes: " has an article pointing people to MozNGW, a Mozilla-based GroupWise client by RedbackSystems." GroupWise is Novell's corporate communication and collaboration tool. The native Windows client is, in the words of RedbackSystems, "the fat kid that fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down." MozNGW, which was originally going to be based on Opera, is intended to rectify this. As well as MozNGW, RedbackSystems also has several other products, most of which will eventually be rolled into their XULU cross-platform application framework.

#4 MozNGW and XULU

by aspr1n

Tuesday April 6th, 2004 2:32 PM

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Just thought I'd post a response to some of the above comments:

1. Firefox was chosen because it provides the perfect light x-platform base. The only Firefox specific interfaces in use so far are some XPCOM calls and the new chrome format.

2. The icons in use in the screenshots are from the MozNGW GroupWise 6.5 theme. They are lifted entirely from Novell's existing 6.5 Windows client. There are only 3 "XP-ish" icons in use in MozNGW - on the sidebar tabs. These are for the theme development only, as GroupWise has nothing similar, we have yet to have a chance to produce them. Novell may well object to the use of their icons in this client (though I hope not), if they do then we will just drop the "6.5 theme". The prime objective of this theme was to provide a common "look" across MozNGW and the existing native Windows client.

3. The entire purpose of XULU is to provide a datasource agnostic cross-platform app framework that maybe reused. there are a number of OS projects discussing using the MozNGW/XULU interfaces, I will leave it to those projects to announce if and when.