International XUL Meetup Days Announced

Saturday April 3rd, 2004

Gerald Bauer writes: " — a site that helps in organizing local interest groups — has opened up a XUL chapter. Now you can join and link up with fellow XUL coders and designers at local cafes (and other places) in 612 cities across 51 countries. Every 1st Tuesday of every month is now officially International XUL Meetup Day! Meetup with other local XML User Interface Language (XUL) coders and designers to discuss the future of the rich internet for everyone.

"PS: I (Gerald Bauer) will try to organize a first XUL coder and designer meeting in Vienna, Austria in May. See you there."

#15 Open XUL Alliance - A Rich Internet For Everyone

by geraldb

Sunday April 4th, 2004 8:50 AM

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> So what does Gerald Bauer mean by "XUL"?

Well, I invite you to check out the Open XUL Alliance site @ <> and judge for yourself. You might also wonna check out the Luxor XUL Toolkit @ <> and see what the hairsplitting about the XUL acronym is all about. Peace.

PS: Check out the slide by Ben Galbrait form "Swing and SWT and Alternatives" talk titled XUL that sums it up online @ <>