UK Banks NatWest and The Royal Bank of Scotland Now Support Mozilla

Saturday April 3rd, 2004

Stuart wrote in to tell us that the UK bank NatWest have recently upgraded their online banking facilities, allowing Mozilla users to access the service for the first time. In addition, the digital banking features of NatWest's parent, The Royal Bank of Scotland, are also now compatible with Mozilla. See bug 66911 and bug 119134 for details.

#5 Awkward wording...

by Grauw

Sunday April 4th, 2004 6:18 AM

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I agree the wording is indeed a bit awkward, "...are also now compatible with Mozilla" implies that there is a need to use special Mozilla extensions or so... While it is just web standards doing their job.

Nevertheless, it is great news for users of those services.

My bank (Rabobank, NL) has recently started to put up a notice saying "sorry, it's possible that your browser won't display the Rabobanksite correctly", and the first time I saw it it really ticked me off :). However, fortunately they hadn't changed anything that would cause such a thing (at least not as far as I could see), because before that, and now still, at least the internet banking (the most advanced bit of code on the site, I'd say) still works more-or-less ok in Mozilla. I guess that's what they mean by 'incorrectly', but it still works. Basically the only problem is that when logged in, the initial page doesn't load very well. Oh, and I had trouble setting Rabo Alerts in Mozilla.

Ahwell... *sigh*

Hiring a competent coder seems difficult indeed. Such bad site code at banks (I have seen it far worse elsewhere, they basically just put something together by trial-and-error, it seemed) always makes me very pessimistic about how the bank's security is coded.