Full Article Attached Mozilla 1.7 to Become New Long-Lived Stable Branch

Friday April 2nd, 2004

In a newsgroup posting, Asa Dotzler has announced that the Mozilla 1.7 branch will become the new long-lived stable branch, replacing 1.4. The stable branch is intended to act as a baseline for developers building Mozilla-based products, with critical bugs fixed on the branch as well as the trunk.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0, a new milestone of Mozilla Thunderbird, a new Camino release and several third party Mozilla based products will be based on Mozilla 1.7, so the Foundation is making efforts to ensure that it is high quality. To do this, the branching of 1.7 from the trunk has been delayed by a week to Friday 9th April and the final release of Mozilla 1.7 has been moved out a month to mid-May. Between the branching and the final version, three release candidates of Mozilla 1.7 will be made available, much like there were for Mozilla 1.0 and Mozilla 1.4. These release candidates will ensure that the 1.7 branch gets more testing and QA work.

While most welcome the fact that the aging 1.4 branch is to be replaced by something more modern, some developers have expressed concern that the decision to use 1.7 has been made so late in the release cycle.

#25 Asa asked for feedback.

by smkatz

Saturday April 3rd, 2004 3:01 PM

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None came. So Asa acted. Granted, he only waited (according to the Mozillazine article dates) for 4 days, and technically not 4, since the article wasn't posted for the entire day March 30th, but rather mid-day. (March 30th, 31st, April 1st, April 2nd).

If we are going to learn from this and perhaps change the organization's mind, we must understand whether Asa considered input for a reasonable amount of time and of the right people.

If we think this procedure was not appropriate, then we need a written procedure that is followed.

First, let's deal with understanding what was done.

Asa, were the embedders consulted?

What did they say?

Was their feedback taken into account?

I fall into the "use Mozilla products as shipped" category, so this does not matter to me personally. However, some people use K-melon, which actually is affected by the embedding stability of Mozilla products. (K-melon, however, has a history of waiting longer than we do before releasing new versions anyway. I think all consumer and enterprise versions of Mozilla such as Sun's are worried more about MTBF and backward-compatibility than with shiny new features.

Hope this makes sense.