Pinstripe New Default Theme for Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac OS X

Thursday April 1st, 2004

Kevin Gerich wrote in to tell us that Pinstripe is new default theme for Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac OS X. Pinstripe, a collaboration between Kevin and Stephen Horlander, is designed to fit in with the Aqua graphical style and is already the default Mozilla Firefox OS X theme. Mac users can try out Pinstripe in the latest Thunderbird nightly.

#5 Re: Re: Who do mac users care so much for eye candy?

by buff

Thursday April 1st, 2004 3:16 PM

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I have tried a laptop running Jaguar and I found it more difficult to use than the KDE environment. Linux might be harder to use but there is just so much free stuff available for it while the Mac apps cost so much and the hardware is just not as flexible as off the shelf PC parts which are numerous and cheap. I found the only benefit of Jaguar was the sex appeal and video editing software. But since I get my sex the old fashioned way, horizontally, and I don't edit video there is no benefit to a pricey mac. If you are a developer then there is even less benefit to using a mac since you would have to wait for Apple to mac binaries for upgraded applications and give it their proprietary blessing - yuck.