'PC World' Looks at Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Thursday April 1st, 2004

The May 2004 issue of PC World features a short article about Mozilla Firefox 0.8. Reviewer Tom Spring likes the new download manager and the range of extensions available but concludes that the browser "remains too geeky for nontechies" he said it took him half an hour to master toolbar customisation.

#39 Re: Half an hour?

by DougBTX

Saturday April 3rd, 2004 9:22 AM

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I understand.

When you drag a file in Windows Explorer, you see the file being dragged. When you drag a toolbar button in Word, you see a little image of a button. When you drag a button in Opera you see a faded out version of the button.

In Firefox, you get a fuzzy little rectangle below your mouse. Most people would not know that this is supposed to represent "dragging", so would wonder why nothing is happening.

Also, clicking on the icons gives no responce to the user that they have clicked on the buttons. Also, the area where the icons are listed does not respond to the mouse wheel.

In IE, there is a button with "add" written on it. In Firefox, there are no buttons. Which is more intuitive?