'PC World' Looks at Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Thursday April 1st, 2004

The May 2004 issue of PC World features a short article about Mozilla Firefox 0.8. Reviewer Tom Spring likes the new download manager and the range of extensions available but concludes that the browser "remains too geeky for nontechies" he said it took him half an hour to master toolbar customisation.

#17 Minimal intelligence

by wvh <>

Thursday April 1st, 2004 11:18 AM

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He sounds like the kind of person whose virusses flood my inbox every day.

Ofcourse, we expect a minimal level of intelligence, whether we are taking about hardware, software or the internet. If such a simple program is "hard to use" for him (or anybody), I don't think he will be missed on the internet. In fact, we might even congratulate ourselves for protecting the 'net against people too stupid (or ignorant) to use the software they need or without a minimal understanding of what they are doing. There are already enough virus propagators as it is.

People ought to take at least a bit of responsability, and get a clue. I mean, for driving, at least you need a driver's license. For things like jerking off or taking a piss, you don't need a license. Internet is more like the former than the latter. Sadly enough, the last years I feel more like a sewer-worker than a sysadmin or internet software developer.

Besides... "toolbar customisation"? That is not a newbie activity, nor will any new user indulge in such a level of technicality. Some people can't program a VCR. Some people don't rearrange toolbars. It doesn't mean it's too hard; it means people don't care enough to switch their brains on and learn it. See, sometimes you must learn something. The fact it requires thinking, does not make it 'hard', all by itself.