'PC World' Looks at Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Thursday April 1st, 2004

The May 2004 issue of PC World features a short article about Mozilla Firefox 0.8. Reviewer Tom Spring likes the new download manager and the range of extensions available but concludes that the browser "remains too geeky for nontechies" he said it took him half an hour to master toolbar customisation.

#13 Re: Listen!

by mesostinky

Thursday April 1st, 2004 9:52 AM

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I agree we need to listen to reviews but you also have to understand that you can't please everyone. All product reviews are not created equal and all reviews are not valid. Many times products receive invalid criticism and there is nothing we can do about that. This particular reviewer saying that it took him half and hour to figure out how to customize the toolbar is not something that should be taken seriously. No other reviewer AFAIK has harped on this issue and no users here report a usability problem with this feature so you just have to shrug and move on.

Regarding his statement that Firefox "remains too geeky for nontechies" is also completely false. Sorry just because he got hung up on one item that everyone else can easily use doesn't make Firefox too geeky. The ONLY geeky thing about Firefox is plugins. Someone new to Firefox may have to install a plugin or two for optimal web browsing. Every other aspect of Firefox is pretty dam easy. Its not like you can't just download it and be off and web browsing in minutes. There simply are not enough hurdles put in the way of the user to say this is a product for techies only.

"The issue her is not whether he is right or wrong - this issue is, "Why does he have that impression, and how to we prevent/correct it?""

As I explained just because one person who happens to be in the press has a problem doesn't actually mean there is anything to correct.

"One suggestion: Every new release of Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird should include a "reviewer's kit" - a guide to the product and a press release."

<> the homepage for Firefox. Everything you've asked for sits right there and is clearly laid out in the Resources section. :)