Full Article Attached Special BugDay Marks Start of CrashWeek Effort to Clean Up Bugzilla Crash Bug Reports

Monday March 29th, 2004

Asa Dotzler wrote in to tell us more about CrashWeek, which starts with this Tuesday's BugDay. The aim is to clean up the crash bug reports in the Bugzilla database by reproducing and triaging the unresolved crashers. This will help the developers see which crashes are the most common and what the likely causes are. To get involved, join the latest BugDay in the #mozillazine channel on throughout Tuesday (US time). Read the full article for more details from Asa.

#10 Easy to join in!

by steeler_fan

Tuesday March 30th, 2004 9:26 PM

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I would like to comment that I have never used Bugzilla (I had an account; never did more than read bugs) before today. Now, after helping out with BugDay, I was able to learn a little bit more about it.

It is very simple, Asa and Co make it very easy to join in and help out! It seems to be a very good resource, Asa said that around 200 bugs have been resolved today alone, a very good number! With #mozillazine to back me up, I was indeed able to reproduce a crash on one of the bugs, submit a Talkback report, and have the bug resolved as a duplicate! Not bad for having never used Bugzilla before!

I am just trying to urge people who use Firefox (or Mozilla, or get the idea) to see if they can help out with Bug Day, and everyday. ANY questions you have can and more than likely will be answered, and in a friendly way also! Everybody has that ONE (probably more ;) ) bug that they just can't stand, so if you want to see yours fixed then try and help with BugDay/ helps the developers spend more time developing instead of trying to see if bugs still exist.