Mozilla Developer Day Slides for Firefox, Thunderbird and Advanced RDF Talks

Sunday March 28th, 2004

Although they have been available for several weeks, many readers are probably not aware that slides from three of the talks at the Mozilla Developer Day are now online. The Mozilla Firefox slides discuss the future of the standalone browser, while the Mozilla Thunderbird slides do much the same for the standalone email and newsgroups client. A set of slides on advanced RDF completes the trio.

#6 GRE; Pinstripe; SVG

by mpconnelly

Monday March 29th, 2004 4:35 AM

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1.) I didn't see anything about the GRE in the Firefox and Thunderbird presentations. Is there still an intent to separate the GRE from Firefox and Thunderbird to eliminate redundant copies of the browser core on your hard drive and faciliate upgrade of the core independent of the user interface? If so, when?

2.) I believe that the Pinstripe icons for both Firefox and Thunderbird are stunning... (and, while respectful of the efforts put forth in designing the current icons, think that they look primitive). Can we have a debate/poll about substituting the Pinstripe icons as the default icons? (This is different than the frequent discussions about porting the Pinstripe themes to Windows.)

3.) I didn't see anything about SVG in either the browser or user interface. I look forward to chrome rendered in SVG.

4.) Where can I find more information about the software updater? I think that this will be a great feature because Mozilla's strength is its speed of development (particularly if the update is downloaded in the background while the browser is idling). Enthusiasts can install it on their friends and families computers and not have to worry about the browser/mail client being up-to-date.