Mozilla Developer Day Slides for Firefox, Thunderbird and Advanced RDF Talks

Sunday March 28th, 2004

Although they have been available for several weeks, many readers are probably not aware that slides from three of the talks at the Mozilla Developer Day are now online. The Mozilla Firefox slides discuss the future of the standalone browser, while the Mozilla Thunderbird slides do much the same for the standalone email and newsgroups client. A set of slides on advanced RDF completes the trio.

#11 Re: RDF & custom applications...

by ajollyswami

Monday March 29th, 2004 1:43 PM

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My experience is rather limited but as I underestand it RDF (Resource Description Framework) is just a XML-based data format that is used to describe different kinds of data. Ben mentions those applications as *implementations* of RDF. Basically RDF just offers an easy way to access many different information sources. Mozilla (Gecko, really) makes it really easy to build XUL 'templates' which get filled dynamically by an RDF data source (which can be either local or remote) as needed.

RDF is flexible in that it stores everything in simple subject/predicate/object triples. Using those triples you can describe lists, nested lists, databases, and really anything else.