Week-Long Effort to Clean Up Bugzilla Crash Bug Reports Starting

Sunday March 28th, 2004

In a weblog posting, Asa Dotzler announces a new effort to triage crash bug reports: "I'm going to be working to organize a week long bug cleanup effort for reported crashers. We have many hundreds of crashers reported in Bugzilla which need confirmation or resolving. With Talkback in 1.7 beta, we can easily get stack traces for reproducible crashers and that should help us resolve quite a few duplicate reports. Starting with Tuesday's BugDay, and going through the end of the week, I'll be available to help newbies and veterans alike as we slog through hundreds of bug reports and try to get a real fix on known stability problems in advance of 1.7 branching. If you're interested in being a part of this effort and need help getting started, join us on Tuesday in #mozillazine on"

#1 Windows Error Reporting

by joe222

Sunday March 28th, 2004 4:21 PM

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This article reminded me of something I read about Windows Error Reporting not so long ago. I thought I would mention this here in case it's of any help. Regarding the error reports that Windows XP sends back to Microsoft when an application crashes, they are accessible for any developer. I think I read that the developers in question had to get a security certificate that had a cost of $400. But best to read it all from the sources:

The original post in one of Microsoft developer blog (Watson developer):


From the comments in that post, where to go to access all this information:


The last link might need to be visited by IE. The div or whatever is hidden and there is no clickability over the "More" link when visiting with Mozilla.

Hold on, here is the content of that for those without IE, with manually added links:

When Windows users experience an error, they are asked to send a report to Microsoft. Microsoft then makes this data available to independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

To access WER data, you must:

Establish a Winqual account. How?(<…_help/create_account.aspx>) Sign up(<>). Accept the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Agreement. Read the agreement.

Learn more about why you should use WER (<…om/help/wer_help/biz.aspx>).

Learn more about how WER works and how to implement WER (<…om/help/wer_help/dev.aspx>)