Full Article Attached Mozilla Foundation Soliciting Proposals for Support Services

Saturday March 27th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation is exploring offering additional end user support options, in addition or instead of the existing telephone support provided by DecisionOne. To this end, the Foundation is soliciting proposals from companies or community members who wish to be awarded contracts to provide these services. Submissions must be well thought out and shown to be viable. Read the full article for complete details from the Foundation's Bart Decrem.

#9 Mozilla support volume

by Gunnar

Sunday March 28th, 2004 12:53 PM

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I can only speak for myself, but I have so far handled 1100 emails from people looking for Mozilla support through my website. The majority (by far) of this arrived in the last year.

Not all messages are from different senders - some cases require several emails to resolve. If ecplained correctly (many novice users do need background information), resolving a case can take some time. Others, OTOH, are very easy and quick to answer.

One last comment: I do not explicitely mention on my site that people can contact me for their support needs (I just have a generic 'contact' page), so I guess that if I did this, volume would be considerably higher.

If support were free and prominently linked to from's support page, I would guess the volume for whomever decides to offer official email support at around 500 messages per year (this is a very rough educated guess) . Peak times are usually when a new version is released, they are especially high when a new stable release comes out.