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Saturday March 27th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation is exploring offering additional end user support options, in addition or instead of the existing telephone support provided by DecisionOne. To this end, the Foundation is soliciting proposals from companies or community members who wish to be awarded contracts to provide these services. Submissions must be well thought out and shown to be viable. Read the full article for complete details from the Foundation's Bart Decrem.

#15 Phone Support

by qreply

Thursday April 1st, 2004 12:29 AM

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I have not been keeping up much with DecisionOne and their phone support for Mozilla. I was the manager for the team up until a week before we took on the support for Mozilla (the same team that did Netscape support). If you get bad advice from a tech it's probably not their fault, they got 0 (zero) hours of training in preparation for taking on Mozilla. Though they had a good base to start from by supporting Netscape prior to this. I really feel sorry for anyone trying to get support using Linux though and hope you got a refund if you requested one. That decision was made by the account manager at the time. Also when I left there was much talk (like in all technology sectors) of outsourcing much of the call volume and all of the email to India which I imagine has happened by now. I left the place over ethical issues dealing with that same account manager in relation to the Netscape contract and I have to say I am much happier now. (I got away from call centers and doing hands on full PC tech support now)

"I have an email from a Mozilla user who says when he called the phone support about a problem with one of his Mozilla 1.6 CDs, the phone support tech told him he was "stupid" for buying the CD, when you can download it for free." ---- I wish I had the name of that technician, I would call them up and ask them what the heck they were thinking even saying that to an end user. When I was there this kind of poor service was dealt with in a swift manner. Most of the techs try their best to relly help out the caller and do what they can.

"Without my knowledge, one of my users called Decisionone for help with Mozilla. I really don't know exactly what my user said but Decisionone ended up telling him that his 128MB wasn't enough and not to run version 1.6 because only 1.5 was stable." -----Again I hate to hear stuff like this, I don't want to bash anyone I used to work with but these kinds of answers are not what customers should be getting for paid support. I expected alot more out of my old team.

"decisionone just have lists of questions they go through and if they don't find any answer on this list, they just tell you some crap." -----Pretty close to the truth, the support documentation is and always has been sadly lacking, it is merely a compilation of information already available online to anyone willing to research it themselves.

I hate to leave names here, and honestly I don't know what he is up to these days but one of the best people I worked with in relation to Netscape (he also was a wealth of information about Mozilla) is a guy that worked Netscape support for years at DecisionOne prior to me working on the contract - Brian Jenkins. If I were ever going to get back to browser support I would definitely talk to him. He really took pride in the kind of service and information he gave. I wish he was still there now, it sound like DecisionOne could really use his help from what I have seen here.