Sunbird Project Section Added to Mozilla Calendar Website

Saturday March 27th, 2004

Simon Paquet writes: "I just wanted to let you know that a Sunbird section has been added to the Mozilla Calendar website.

"These pages cover the Sunbird project and its goals, where one can download Sunbird and what its known issues are and how to build it.

"Please bear one thing in mind when referring to Sunbird: 'Sunbird' is just a project name at the moment and the name may change in the future. At the moment we do not have the resources to trademark the name and make it official, so that is mainly a legal thing. So whenever you talk or write about Sunbird please refer to it just as 'Sunbird' or the 'Sunbird Project'."

#11 Keep it standalone

by John_Colby <>

Sunday March 28th, 2004 8:48 AM

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I've just downloaded it and it looks good. But does anyone else haev a problem with calendars that I have?

The problem is that I maintain a computer at my University, a laptop that travels everywhere and a computer at home. I have tried a PDA but have not been impressed with the reliability of the one I had (it died two days after the expiry of the warranty, having previously zapped my entire diary when it reset itself without my knowledge) and can't afford to experiment - academic salaries do not permit much in the way of experimentation of this sort. If Sunbird had a method of selecting all newly entered events and exporting them (rather than selecting individually) then the updating as per PDAs would be much easier - and as far as I can see most of this is already written. This would make the add-on cost of PDAs (for me) not relevant

Or is this not part of the way that others see it?