Nvu 0.2 Released

Thursday March 25th, 2004

The second major milestone release of Nvu, the Web publishing application based on Mozilla Composer, is now available for Linux and Windows. The main new feature in Nvu 0.2 is support for the creation, modification and utilisation of templates, preset pages that can include both editable and static elements. Version 0.2 also allows more CSS properties to be applied to pages and lets users to extract inline styles and make them into classes.

Based on Mozilla 1.7 Beta, Nvu 0.2 was developed by Daniel Glazman's Disruptive Innovations for Further information about the new version, including release notes and download links, can be found at

#34 Re: Re: Problems...

by robdogg

Friday March 26th, 2004 10:54 AM

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>>2. I'm trying to remember my HTML, but is <a href="{|OUTPUT_HREF|}&OutputTarget=excel"> valid HTML 4.0? I know that, by the HTML 4.01 spec, the ampersand needs to be encoded, even when it is in a quoted attribute value, is that true for the curley brackets and pipe as well? If so, then nvu is doing exactly the correct thing. If it did anything else, it would be outputing invalid HTML code. <<

That's fine and all. I process my HTML templates at the time of the HTTP request and replace my custom tags {|TAG_GOES_HERE|} with relevant data. This is standard and many software developers do it. NVU needs a setting that precludes it changing code. HomeSite does it, Quanta does it, FtontPage does, ...

>>Intellisense? On an unrelated note, what is the ultimate goal of nvu? Is daniel/lindows planning to create a standalone HTML editor, part of the suite, HTML compose for mail or something else? <<

I am not quite sure. He does not state the ultimate objective anywhere where I can see.