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Sunday March 28th, 1999 now has a way of following the newsgroup discussions without scouring every newsgroup five times a day. It's called Newsbot, and you can reach it here, or you can add the newsbot channel to your My Netscape page.

Newsbot accepts submissions from the community regarding interesting developments in the newsgroups, and displays them with links to the newsgroup as well as links to the article and the article's thread via deja news.

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by Dan Libby

Sunday March 28th, 1999 2:00 PM

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This newsbot is very cool. Thanks for making it a My Netscape channel!

The timestamp displayed in the channels windows is an indication to the user of the last time that the channel content *changed*, not the last time it was fetched. If the content doesn't change, the timestamp will remain the same.

My Netscape is polling contributors files every hour. In the case of the slashdot channel, the server was not responding since the 25th. It is back up now.