Tech Journalists and Analysts Discuss Mozilla

Tuesday March 23rd, 2004

Several readers have informed us of Mozilla-related musings from tech journalists and analysts over the last few days. Nigel L starts us off: "Dan Gillmor says Firefox is nice, but IE will remain entrenched because so many apps expect IE to be the default browser. He's also sad OS X isn't sweeping the world."

Marvin Skorman noted that Rob Pegoraro of The Washington Post has recommended Mozilla Firefox to his readers, despite it being pre-1.0. recently started requiring its users to register to read articles online.

tityre and Matt Moyer both referred us to an E-Commerce Times article about Internet Explorer's continuing dominance, which also discusses Mozilla. The article reports that IE's usage share has slipped slightly to 94.8%, according to The Netherlands-based Internet statistics firm records Mozilla's usage share to be 1.8%, up from 1.6% last July. If you want higher numbers, guzzi333 notes that W3Schools currently has Mozilla on 9.6% for March.

Finally, Matt Moyer (again) and Juha-Matti Laurio wrote in to tell us that radio commentator Kim Komando talked about Mozilla in an article on alternative browsers, while Rob Thomas informs us that Mozilla was mentioned in a recent Mercury News browser round-up.

#2 E-Commerce Times article

by ajollyswami

Tuesday March 23rd, 2004 8:38 PM

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The E-commerce is a little bit conflicting, in one part of the article Dennis Barr says "Firefox 1.0 will be released this summer for Windows, Mac and Linux, and in the coming year we should expect to see it become the most popular browser". 'Most popular browser', that hardly sounds like IE's continuing dominance, does it?

I think there is a happy middle ground and that FF and TB will definitely see much greater as they reach 1.0. I know I will feel much better setting up mom/grandma/uncle's computer with FF and TB once I know that Ben and Scott think they're ready.