Downloadable Chrome News

Sunday March 28th, 1999

Two news items for those interested in Mozilla's "Downloadable Chrome". First, David Hyatt has posted to his first draft at the downloadable / configurable chrome spec.

Second, Steve Morrison has announced the creation of his "XUL Tool" site. Steve's site is a repository for Mozilla themes, and soon you will be able to create your own theme via a simple HTML interface.

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by steve morrison <>

Sunday March 28th, 1999 5:58 PM

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- Your right, this was done all on linux. Linux is pretty close to windows as far as features go.

- It's hard, right now, to do chrome per website, since *everything* is defined within one XUL file - including a lot of basic javascript functions to do things like make the Back button work, etc. Websites would have to agree to make everything behave the same. Remember, these themes describe actions as well as the look of the browser. This will all become a lot easier, though, when the downloadable chrome spec gets fleshed out, and hopefully presentation, structure, and behavior will separated a little bit more.