Downloadable Chrome News

Sunday March 28th, 1999

Two news items for those interested in Mozilla's "Downloadable Chrome". First, David Hyatt has posted to his first draft at the downloadable / configurable chrome spec.

Second, Steve Morrison has announced the creation of his "XUL Tool" site. Steve's site is a repository for Mozilla themes, and soon you will be able to create your own theme via a simple HTML interface.

#20 Keep off my UI.

by Waldo

Tuesday March 30th, 1999 4:50 PM

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Ok, here's why I don't want remote sites to control my UI:

* Ads - They're annoying enough IN the page. * Bandwidth - I don't want to have to download a screenful of crappy UI buttons and graphics for every page I go to. * Security - I don't want someone moving my buttons around, eliminating a "back" button, say, or remapping buttons to do weird shit (say, make all buttons go to their "order" page or something) without me knowing.

if I need to use a foreign UI (which shouldn't change for most people, because it's supposed to be CONSISTANT) web designers can build their custom buttons w/regular old javascript INSIDE the page area. Ie, extend the buttons but not replace/remap them.

Incidentally, is there going to be an easy way for the user to distinguish between their own UI and the actual web page contents? They're both made of similar "stuff"...