Downloadable Chrome News

Sunday March 28th, 1999

Two news items for those interested in Mozilla's "Downloadable Chrome". First, David Hyatt has posted to his first draft at the downloadable / configurable chrome spec.

Second, Steve Morrison has announced the creation of his "XUL Tool" site. Steve's site is a repository for Mozilla themes, and soon you will be able to create your own theme via a simple HTML interface.

#17 Re:Downloadable Chrome News

by AnotherSmartZass

Tuesday March 30th, 1999 1:51 PM

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Hey Kovu, quick over here! A naysayer!!! Welcome SmartAss, you'll fit right in.

Speaking from the perspective of a web-designer on an ego trip... nay, power-user enjoying the web (shucks, both!) I don't entirely agree. However I do HEHEHEHEH enjoy your writing style HEHEHHEEHE.

Getting to the point... Disney WOULD want to ship chromer which integrates and accentuates their site. They would probably have two index/home pages - one with and one without (kind o like one with 'craplets' and one text only)

I imagine I would spend an enormous amount of time in the skin one because I - unlike you - DONT think designersand huge coporations like Disney are stupid. In fact I think they will NOT use unituitive wookie heads, rather they will add custom searches and Aurora trees and weird buttons which do cool things. Perhaps if you let them would ship chrome which makes this kind of skin for an app look like this

And yes I know users dont like change. I hve experienced these things as well, but you shouldn't stop progress, regardless of how you feel about it or whether you would use it yourself. I bet you don't use PUSH or CDF or the G2 channels? Does that mean no one else should be offered the technololgy? I may suit their clients or their target market or their needs better than yours!!

Freedom to innovate and freedom to do new things. Don't straightjacket your developers into YOUR world view.