Downloadable Chrome News

Sunday March 28th, 1999

Two news items for those interested in Mozilla's "Downloadable Chrome". First, David Hyatt has posted to his first draft at the downloadable / configurable chrome spec.

Second, Steve Morrison has announced the creation of his "XUL Tool" site. Steve's site is a repository for Mozilla themes, and soon you will be able to create your own theme via a simple HTML interface.

#10 Re:Downloadable Chrome News

by Dave Hyatt <>

Monday March 29th, 1999 9:54 AM

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The site is not allowed to change the user's chrome without the user first being prompted, and the script to do so would have to be signed.

Sites can use to open a new window with their own set of chrome, but they won't be allowed to change the user's chrome easily. Having the chrome change from site to site would be a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

As for separation of structure and appearance, the spec outlines how this should be achieved (even though the navigator.xul file is not living up to the spec yet).

All style should be in CSS files (and moved out of inline style declarations, so that the main XUL file doesn't contain any style info). All JS functions should be removed into a separate XUL fragment (so that behavior and structure are separated). Even better would be if we could get support for action sheets within CSS, so that handlers like "onClick" could be defined using style rules and placed in the CSS. Then "look and feel" through CSS would really mean "look and feel", and not just "look". :)

I'll try to clean up the XUL file in my next checkin, assuming I have XUL fragments working well enough to try to pull that stunt.