'MacUser' Reviews Mozilla Firefox, Jon Udell Full of Praise

Friday March 19th, 2004

Gavin Lawrie writes: "The UK magazine MacUser is carrying a review of Firefox 0.8 for OS X in its current edition (dateline 19 March 2004). The review is generally positive, and Firefox gets 'four mice out of five'. The review liked the browser, but complained about the tab interface. Would also seem that the reviewer failed to discover extensions. But the review ends, ' looks set to become a contender for best Mac browser.'"

Over at InfoWorld, Jon Udell says that users should switch from the "abandoned" Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. In addition to praising features such as tabbed browsing, popup blocking and Find As You Type, Udell also rates the rich standards support and notes availability of a multitude of developer-oriented extensions. He claims that Mozilla's goal of a cross-platform technology framework is within reach.

#6 a pity

by niner

Saturday March 20th, 2004 5:15 AM

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I too discovered that there are no good browsers for Mac OS 9, so the users have to use the crappy IE. You could say, that it's time to upgrade the OS and I fully agree with that. But unlike the Homeuser Macfans users at their company computer often don't have that choice. And the real problem: companies that use such Macs are often in the design or more specifically in the webdesign business. Just the ones that should use a standards compilant browser in the first place...