Be Inc. Hires Engineer to Aid Mozilla Porting Efforts

Friday March 26th, 1999

Sean Graham has good news for BeOS users! Sean writes, "BeNews has a story regarding Be Inc.'s recent hiring of a full-time engineer devoted to assisting the porting of Mozilla to BeOS (BeZilla)."

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by ERICmurphy <>

Friday March 26th, 1999 8:26 PM

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I own a copy of the BeOS and I think this is a really great thing, I was beginning to think the project would never make it.

When Communicator for BeOS and my cable modem are installed, I will be using the BeOS a lot more for web development, and even just personal use.

There are some good apps already available for BeOS, such as the code editor called Pe, and some other interesting site management and server type apps.

I just hope release 4.1 of the BeOS adds some much needed features to the relatively sparse OS.