Allowing Mozilla Users with the ActiveX Plug-in to Play Embedded Windows Media Player Presentations

Wednesday March 17th, 2004

tityre sent us a link to a article that describes how Web developers can make their Windows Media Player presentations accessible to Mozilla users who have the Mozilla ActiveX plug-in installed.

#3 WMP 9 doesn't support scripting in Mozilla

by doron

Wednesday March 17th, 2004 7:54 PM

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The DevEdge article (<http://devedge.netscape.c…indows-media-in-netscape/>) is much better, explains the issue and why the ActiveX route is needed.

Microsoft on purposley doesn't support scripting WMP9 in Mozilla, so at Netscape we had to come with a solution. Nothing standards compliant about this, and it only works on windows, and only if you install something.