Allowing Mozilla Users with the ActiveX Plug-in to Play Embedded Windows Media Player Presentations

Wednesday March 17th, 2004

tityre sent us a link to a article that describes how Web developers can make their Windows Media Player presentations accessible to Mozilla users who have the Mozilla ActiveX plug-in installed.

#11 Re: Alternates?

by Racer

Thursday March 18th, 2004 2:01 PM

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Since when do extensions have to follow the standard? I can understand it not being shipped with a commercial browser, but if users want to do this with an extension, it seems to me like this is their perogative. More importantly, OSes (like Linux) that do not have a native implementation of ActiveX or WMP should not be limited by this fact.

Standards are designed to keep doors open by making systems easier to use, not slam them shut just because you do not have a specific OS or software package present.