Allowing Mozilla Users with the ActiveX Plug-in to Play Embedded Windows Media Player Presentations

Wednesday March 17th, 2004

tityre sent us a link to a article that describes how Web developers can make their Windows Media Player presentations accessible to Mozilla users who have the Mozilla ActiveX plug-in installed.

#1 Standards Adoption

by RMo

Wednesday March 17th, 2004 6:21 PM

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From the article: "Thankfully, the widespread adoption of standards by all the browsers has made it relatively simple matter to write Web sites that work seamlessly on any browser and operating system."

The widespread adoption of standards by ALL the browsers? Has this author heard of Internet Explorer or ever attempted to design a standards-compliant page using (X)HTML and anything beyond basic CSS?

Still, while I only skimmed through the rest of the article, it looks nice, and hopefully it'll provide some tips that authors can use to confront this issue.