Full Article Attached Mozilla Foundation Open Letter Orders Unofficial Mozilla Merchandise Sellers to Stop, Legal Action Hinted

Tuesday March 16th, 2004 staff member Gervase Markham has posted an open letter to the Mozilla newsgroups addressed to those who sell goods bearing the Mozilla name or logos: "The following is an open letter to anyone selling Mozilla-branded merchandise. It's being posted rather than emailed in the spirit of openness, and to ensure everyone who needs to read it can see a copy."

The letter urges those selling products with the Mozilla insignia to stop and contact the Mozilla Foundation for further discussion on how to proceed. Noting that the retailing of Mozilla-branded wares without permission is an infringment of the Foundation's trademark rights, the letter hints that legal action may taken against those who refuse to heed the advice. Read the full article to see the complete letter.

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by _rgw_ <>

Tuesday March 16th, 2004 6:20 PM

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The foundation's lawyers probably told them to do this to protect the foundation's copyrights. If Mozilla Foundation doesn't enforce the exclusivity of their brand then they could lose the rights to the names Mozilla, Firefox, etc. Then anyone could run around saying they're the Mozilla browser company or whatever. So before you decry the guys for 'going draconian', remember they have to protect the interest of the general community. Generally, I'd think that everyone would like to be able to keep the Mozilla brand away from less-then-reputable businesses.