'Houston Chronicle' Raves About Easy, Fun, Fast, Safe, Free Mozilla Firefox

Saturday March 13th, 2004

The Houston Chronicle has an article about Mozilla Firefox, describing the browser as "easy, fun, fast, safe, free". The report highlights Firefox's popup blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, extensions, download manager, speed and privacy options. Thanks to tityre for telling us about this article.

#55 Re: Re: A thought about the name Opera

by bzbarsky

Monday March 15th, 2004 10:11 PM

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> because Opera is available for the Mac

Opera _6_ is available for the Mac. I urge you to note that all the Opera advocates say that Opera 7 is a lot better. And it is. Opera 6 is pretty painful to use compared to the other browsers currently available on Mac. You may as well claim that since Netscape 4.8 can be downloaded Netscape is available on the Mac. While technically true, it's not relevant to actual use as a browser (and yes, I know there are in fact later versions of Netscape for the Mac; I'm simply making a comparison).