'Houston Chronicle' Raves About Easy, Fun, Fast, Safe, Free Mozilla Firefox

Saturday March 13th, 2004

The Houston Chronicle has an article about Mozilla Firefox, describing the browser as "easy, fun, fast, safe, free". The report highlights Firefox's popup blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, extensions, download manager, speed and privacy options. Thanks to tityre for telling us about this article.

#37 Re: Re: Re: Finding Preferences in Opera is very easy

by jgraham

Monday March 15th, 2004 5:55 AM

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> It's just as obvious in the Opera menu as it is it in the Firefox/Mozilla menus...

Except that it's under "File". This violates the two basic rules of deciding where something will go on the menus: 1) Adhere to conventions 2) If no convention exists, try to make conceptual sense

Firefox has "options" under tools. This is a standard location in most Windows applications (including recent versions of Explorer, MS Office and other apps people are likely to use). Mozilla uses Edit - Preferences which is consistent with Netscape <= 4 and makes some sort of sense (one wishes to edit one's preferences, although in reality, most 'Edit' items relate to the current document rather than the entire application; I regard this as a faliure of the Windows model where there is no conceputally good home for application-wide options. Apple have got this right). File - Preferences fails on both counts; few other programs use that layout and Preferences aren't related to the current file so the positioning doesn't make conceptual sense.

Apart from that finding the correct option is hindered by the fact that the 'File' menu has no less than 19 different items, 4 of which have second level menu items. The total number of top-level menu items in the copy of Opera I'm using (it turns out to be 7.11 - if the situation has changed substantially in more recent versions, I would be happy to stand corrected) is 94, of which 20 hide second level menu items. I don't have a copy of Firefox to hand, but there are about 5 items in the default tools menu and far fewer menu items overall. There are also very very few Firefox menu items that hide submenus. Seamonkey is worse than Firefox, but Seamonkey is on the verge of being depreciated as an end-user product. Therefore I stand by my assertation that finding the Preferences menu in Opera is hard.

> your comment is very far removed from factual content

Actually it's a fact that no faries came with my computer - or if they did I unwittingly let them escape. Did you get faries?