'Houston Chronicle' Raves About Easy, Fun, Fast, Safe, Free Mozilla Firefox

Saturday March 13th, 2004

The Houston Chronicle has an article about Mozilla Firefox, describing the browser as "easy, fun, fast, safe, free". The report highlights Firefox's popup blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, extensions, download manager, speed and privacy options. Thanks to tityre for telling us about this article.

#34 Re: Firefox is the only alternative?

by schapel

Sunday March 14th, 2004 10:20 PM

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"Why Firefox/Mozilla receives the majority of publicity for alternative browsers much to the exclusion of Opera is a mystery that is only exceeded by the mystery of why so many keep on using Internet Explorer."

I'll clue you in. Opera before version 7 could not handle much dynamic content, and was therefore unusable for many applications. When Opera 7 was released, it could handle dynamic content, but was all new code and was released after only a short beta test period of a couple of months. It was incredibly buggy for final release software. It looks like they're finally working most of the annoying bugs out with Opera 7.5, but I still find it buggier than other browsers and it doesn't have nearly the number of users of Mozilla browsers. At least the company finally made a profit last year so they can continue trying to make a truly better browser. Like you, I keep hoping that competition from Opera will help make Mozilla browsers better.