'Houston Chronicle' Raves About Easy, Fun, Fast, Safe, Free Mozilla Firefox

Saturday March 13th, 2004

The Houston Chronicle has an article about Mozilla Firefox, describing the browser as "easy, fun, fast, safe, free". The report highlights Firefox's popup blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, extensions, download manager, speed and privacy options. Thanks to tityre for telling us about this article.

#10 Not a mystery

by pkb351 <>

Saturday March 13th, 2004 7:48 PM

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"Why Firefox/Mozilla receives the majority of publicity for alternative browsers much to the exclusion of Opera is a mystery that is only exceeded by the mystery of why so many keep on using Internet Explorer. :)"

I don't see this as a mystery at all for the following reasons:

1. Many computer users don't know there are viable alternatives to IE, which may or may not suit them better.

2. Computer user (mostly the "non-GEEKS) are fearful about adding new software to their computer for various reasons. I believe that the #1 reason behind this fear is the fear that if they add a new program to their computer it may cause a problem, the computer will crash, not restarft correctly, etc.

3. They may want to try Mozilla, but do not know how to set up a new browser. How is the browser set up to your ISP's settings and how do I import IE's favourites to Mozilla/Firefox's bookmarks. Mozilla has to make this process automatic. The installer transfers the user's internet favorites and internet settings from IE (or other browser i.e. Opera, etc.) to Mozilla/FireFox.

4. The user has hear about Mozilla/FireFox and is willing to test drive it but either doesn't know how or where to obtain it or is on dailup and is not willing to spend hours with the download. might attempt to get its products on various different types of cds. Possibly Apple may allow Mozilla to enjoy a place on its OS instalation CDs? Several years ago I remember that software instalation disks sometimes included demo/shareware/freeware software. Is it possible to to distribute some of the Mozilla products in this manner? Mozilla could encourage/make a deal with computer manufactures to either include a pre-install of Mozilla or include Mozilla on a supplied CD.

5. IE works for them. a. Prefer IE to anything else. b. would try another browser, but since IE works why bother? c. believe all browsers are just as insecure and prone to viruses (and other security issues) as IE so why bother with anything else? d. any of the pts 1-4 above.

<Off topic>: The DOJ shoulds have required MS to unbundle it browser from its OS and ordered it not to include a browser/email program. In place of a browser/email program MS should have been ordered to include a simple ftp program with a list of all the currently available web browser/email download sites. The user could then slect which browser the wanted. No browser, including IE would then have a preferental placement (ie preinstalled vs download and install).</Off topic>