Sharing Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Between Windows and Linux

Saturday March 13th, 2004

David Tenser writes: "An increasing number of people are using more than one operating system. Linux is a great alternative to Windows, but many people feel they don't want to abandon Windows completely. This newly written tutorial will show you how you can share your local mail storage between the two operating systems on a dual boot computer."

#12 Problems with IMAP

by braggio

Friday May 9th, 2008 12:24 AM

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Dear all, I used the proposed solution for a long-time without apparently big problems. I was able to work both in the Linux and Windows machines. Sometimes something appear strange, expecially after an upgrading on one machine only, but I was always able to recover all. I recently move my email account to Gmail and I hope to use IMAP protocol using thunderbird. On windows machine work like a charm but with Linux machine no. Apparently if I modify the configurations of the Gmail account in reality nothing is modified for the configuration because when I reopen the configuration I see the old configurations. Any idea about why? I' using on both the machines the most recent version Had any of you the same problem?

Thank you very much for the help. Ale