Russian Page Describes 21 Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox Features Not Found in Internet Explorer

Friday March 12th, 2004

Maniac writes: "On the wave of sudden interest in Mozilla and Firefox among my friends, I've compiled a set of 21 things that Mozilla and Firefox have but IE lacks. I mentioned only those things interesting in my opinion to browser users and only those which I could explain in a sane fashion."

Maniac also sent us a link to a automatic Babelfish translation of the article. Note that Babelfish only translates the first 10K so you will have to paste the rest into the form on the Babelfish homepage.

#1 Not recommendable :-(

by trev

Saturday March 13th, 2004 2:27 PM

It is not exactly an article, more of a forum discussion transcript. This largely affects the style and some of the claims are plainly wrong (for example statement 12 - form autocomplete works in IE in exacly the same way as in Firefox, the author just doesn't know it). The author also forgets to mention important facts, especially that some of the mentioned features need an extension to be installed - this could result in a major disappointment for the less experienced users who are IMHO the major target of this text. All in all this article is not yet recommendable, the author still has some work to do. In the meantime Neil Deakin's "101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot" is preferable though it is somewhat older and targeted mainly to web developers (Russian version: