RUS-CERT Criticizes Mozilla Security Bugs Policy

Thursday March 11th, 2004

Simon Paquet sent us a link to a German article from the Computer Emergency Response Team of the University of Stuttgart (RUS-CERT) that criticizes Mozilla's security policy.

Simon provides a translation of the key points of the article: "The RUS-CERT criticizes Mozilla's security approach to security leaks. They find fault in the fact that no official security advisories are published by the Mozilla Foundation. Instead security leaks are silently patched and incorporated into newer releases.

"They come to the conclusion, 'At the moment Mozilla is obviously no convincing alternative to the market leader [Microsoft].' In an update to their article, they state that this sentence was interpreted as saying that everyone should refrain from using Mozilla. This is not the case. They only state that Mozilla suffers from the same security problems as all other clients and that the use of Mozilla alone is no solution to those security problems."

The last major update to the Known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla page was in November. The Mozilla Security Bugs Policy explains how security flaws are handled.

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by bzbarsky

Saturday March 13th, 2004 9:16 AM

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> unless you're asking them to do the patching and regression testing themselves

Every single distributor already ships builds that are somewhat different from the SeaMonkey trunk. These builds include various changes ranging from "never submitted to" to "rejected from inclusion in the tree". The distributors already do regression testing on such patches (one hopes).

So if they wished they could add security patches and rerelease an interim package. Yes, they may have to do some testing.... but that may be something they are willing to do for the sake of their customers (especially paying customers).