Opera Now Most Compliant Browser, According to WebReview

Friday March 26th, 1999

CNet reports that WebReview's latest assessment of CSS1 compliance in release browsers puts Opera on top with 78%, followed by IE4 at 70.2% and Nav4 at 38.8%. Neither the M3 release of Mozilla or IE5 were assessed in the recent tally.

Contrary to the opinion of the study's author, Eric Meyer, who stated that Opera was "really very impressive, especially given its relative youth", a buggy 78% implementation hardly seems worth touting. As I've stated before on these pages, a browser that has is 78% compliant and buggy is as useful as a 10% compliant (but bug-free) browser. In fact, the 10% compliant browser is the better option, because no workaround code is required for implementation. However, the only browser that should garner any praise is the one that is 100% compliant, and bug-free in its implementation.

In addition, an interesting statement from the WSP that appeared in the CNet article is worth mentioning.

"The uneven deployment of CSS1 in major Web browsers over the last two years has caused Web authors great frustration and expense, and has won CSS an undeservedly obscure and difficult reputation"

From my experience watching the progress of Mozilla's CSS1 implementation, it seems that CSS's reputation for being difficult is deserved. Developers have had to search the CSS2 definition to clear up vagaries in the CSS1 definition. There is no reference CSS implementation *anywhere*, so developers are essentially guinea pigs and have to not only implement CSS1, but spend time and money working through all the inconsistencies that were not addressed by a reference implementation. It doesn't seem that the uneven deployment of CSS implementations has caused CSS1's reputation. If anything, CSS1's vagueness has had the direct result of limiting its adoption.

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by Aleks Zawisza <>

Saturday March 27th, 1999 9:14 AM

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Dear mozineAdmin,

It's funny how you say "Microsoft blames their non-compliance on Netscape" because they say Netscape is even less compliant - which they are - and then you say that somethine MORE copliant is WORSE than something LESS compliant, whether it's Opera or IE.

This is BS, it's an argument I would only expect Microsoft to make. You're just trying to make excuses for Netscape because they happen to be less compliant (and for good reason, their browser was released much earlier and supported specs that were final at the time).

There are good excuses for Netscape's lack of compliance, and it's true that IE5 could be MUCH more compliant than it is, but saying that MORE is LESS is pure bullshit, and you have to be really creative to find reasons to justify that.

Your argument would work equally well against Mozilla if it didn't support 100% of ALL standards, which it probably won't. I can just see you come up some twists for your arguments then, explaining how MORE is MORE for Mozilla but MORE is LESS for IE. 99% CCS2 compliance is worse than 50% CCS2 compliance according to you!

Yeah. Let's not let our love of Mozilla blind us ok? I use Netscape 4.51 but I don't kidd myself by pretending it's for Netscape 4.51's blinding-fast rendering speed and complete standard-compliance.