Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.7 Beta at Midnight Pacific Standard Time Tonight

Tuesday March 9th, 2004

In a newsgroup message about the Mozilla 1.7 Beta freeze, Asa Dotzler writes: "Yep, we're there again. The Mozilla 1.7 Beta freeze happens this Tuesday night at midnight. Beta is last-chance for changes that impact localizations so get those string changing fixes and features landed ASAP or let know if you're going to have trouble getting them in before Beta.

"For more scheduling information, check out the roadmap and release status pages."

#21 Re: Re: Re: How about this "bug"????

by jedbro

Thursday March 11th, 2004 8:28 AM

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Really? Wow, it seems like Ben posted this info just about everywhere, I guess you were waiting for a private e-mail?

Anyway, sorry that didn't happen. Does Ben know about these "several bugs" you "pushed off to 1.8"? If not, how hard would an e-mail be? ( <> ) I don't mean to gripe. But I see devs always complaining about communication problems, and yet have never seen nor heard of any one from EITHER side do anything in that respect. Maybe a polite e-mail to Ben saying your interested in the future of Firfox in relation to mozilla suite hacking, would clear up this whole issue!?

============= Fx Roadmap: ( <…ects/firefox/roadmap.html> ) Once feature complete is reached with 0.9, which will be based on 1.7, it is likely that we will create a FIREFOX_1_0_BRANCH and not return to the trunk before 1.0. We need to focus on superior stability which means we can't really afford to wait until the dust settles on 1.8 mid year to see whether or not we have stable bits. By 1.0 time mid-year any critical issues with 1.7 should have been identified and we believe it will be a safer platform on which to release software.