Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.7 Beta at Midnight Pacific Standard Time Tonight

Tuesday March 9th, 2004

In a newsgroup message about the Mozilla 1.7 Beta freeze, Asa Dotzler writes: "Yep, we're there again. The Mozilla 1.7 Beta freeze happens this Tuesday night at midnight. Beta is last-chance for changes that impact localizations so get those string changing fixes and features landed ASAP or let know if you're going to have trouble getting them in before Beta.

"For more scheduling information, check out the roadmap and release status pages."

#19 How about this "bug"????

by ronin65

Wednesday March 10th, 2004 8:50 PM

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You just keep digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself. The are rushing things and putting out a half-assed, untested product, to use your expression. Just use some of the recent builds that were pretty awful. If they are leaving things out that were supposed to be in 1.7 that, more or less by definition, is rushing things to meet a deadline. What is the big deal if the arbitrary, and it is arbitrary, roadmap/deadline is not met?

Although some things in the Fox are OK, it is, as yet, a crude implementation of Moz. The Fox team is a very long way from generating a browser that is the equal of Moz. A slip in their rush to 1.0 is no big deal. If they hang a 1.0 on anything even remotely like the present builds it will be something of a joke calling it 1.0.