Search Enterprise Quick Mozilla Quiz

Tuesday March 9th, 2004

Jan Stafford, site editor of, writes: "It's time to test your IT mettle! This Mozilla quiz comes straight from the tips penned by and Q&A quips of Mozilla expert Nigel McFarlane."

#2 Ye gods, what an appalling website

by leafdigital

Wednesday March 10th, 2004 4:04 AM

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Is there any content there among the banners, boxes, summaries, links, user comments, etc.?

I didn't find an actual quiz... like a proper quiz with radio buttons... it looked like maybe some idiot had tried to make a 'quiz' by posting seperate news items with one question in each and then hiding the answers somewhere? WHY? Ten minutes and Javascript (or quizilla) will give you a 'proper' quiz...

That has to be the worst site I've seen for several days.