Mozilla Ready to Navigate to Internationalised Domain Names

Monday March 8th, 2004

A week ago, the German registry for .de names started accepting applications for internationalised domain names (IDNs), which can feature characters such as umlauted letters. Germany's DENIC follows in the footsteps of registries such as the Japan Registry Service, which has been operating IDNs since last July.

chofmann writes: "Recent Mozilla milestone releases have the support needed to support these domain names thanks to the efforts of Katsuhiko 'Kat' Momoi and others that worked towards getting this support integrated in advance of the rollout."

Meanwhile, Marcel van Beurden pointed us towards DENIC's page of browsers that support IDNs, noting that the first half of the list is made up entirely of Mozilla-based programs. Microsoft Internet Explorer requires a third-party add-on such as VeriSign's i-Nav to understand IDNs.

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by eiseli

Tuesday March 9th, 2004 11:40 AM

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Dizzle, if you are interested, this page <> has images of a korean keyboard. Basically, it's an American keyboard, with the Korean letters on each key and some additional keys which allow to switch between the Korean and English keys. Korean basically has 24 letters in its alphabet, so the keys are no problem. The only thing you might wonder is how they can make all those weird signs with just 24 letters? just by combining several letters in one sign. I think the same applies to chinese where they can in a way type the pronounciation of the sign and are then presented with a popup with a choice of signs which might apply.

For other european keyboard layouts, check out this: <…orever/international.html>