US Patent and Trademark Office Nixes Eolas Browser Plug-in Patent

Friday March 5th, 2004

Reuters is reporting that the US Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated a patent covering browser plug-ins. The patent, jointly held by Eolas Technologies Inc. and the University of California, has been struck down in a preliminary decision, which Eolas has sixty days to respond to. Eolas successfully sued Microsoft for infringing on the patent last year, forcing the software giant to outline drastic changes to Internet Explorer that would severely impact upon the user experience of the Web. MozillaZine reported on the lawsuit and the Mozilla Foundation's response to it last October. Thanks to Zachariah for the news.

#8 Re: It's SCO deja vu all over again

by bzbarsky

Sunday March 7th, 2004 12:36 AM

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I recommend doing some reading before saying things.... First of all, there are no Eolas shareholders -- it's a privately held company. Second, the suit against Microsoft was a very straightforward patent case based on a patent granted Eolas by the US Patent Office. SCO has yet to present any evidence that they have a claim of any sort; this was not at all the situation in the Eolas case. Note that the courts agreed 100% with Eolas, because given the fact that they _did_ hold that patent, they _were_ completely within their rights to pursue violators of the patent. Now whether they should have had the patent is anoher story....

Oh, and SCO has not filed suit against "the linux community." They've filed suit against a few companies who were foolish enough to do business with SCO (including IBM). I know it's nice to feel self-important and all, but you'll have to wait till they actually sue you first.