US Patent and Trademark Office Nixes Eolas Browser Plug-in Patent

Friday March 5th, 2004

Reuters is reporting that the US Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated a patent covering browser plug-ins. The patent, jointly held by Eolas Technologies Inc. and the University of California, has been struck down in a preliminary decision, which Eolas has sixty days to respond to. Eolas successfully sued Microsoft for infringing on the patent last year, forcing the software giant to outline drastic changes to Internet Explorer that would severely impact upon the user experience of the Web. MozillaZine reported on the lawsuit and the Mozilla Foundation's response to it last October. Thanks to Zachariah for the news.

#11 Re: It's SCO deja vu all over again

by jdakula

Sunday March 7th, 2004 11:17 AM

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Actually, as best I can tell there is no prior art, and while this may seem "obvious" it's really just that it's a good idea that works so wonderfully you can't imagine that someone else wouldn't have thought of it. And someone else did, they just did it AFTER Eolas had the patent. I think that the Web world might be in a bit of trouble, but from what I've seen, Eolas may actually be in the right on this one.