W3Schools Records February Mozilla Usage Share of 9.0 Percent

Friday March 5th, 2004

jrs_66 noted that global Mozilla usage is growing fast, according to browser statistics from W3Schools. The latest figures state that Mozilla had a 9.0 percent usage share in February, up from 8.2 percent in January. The W3Schools data indicates that Mozilla's usage share has more than doubled in the last twelve months.

#3 Re: MozillaWhat?

by polidobj

Friday March 5th, 2004 9:09 PM

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Well it can't be all geckos because Netscape 7 is listed separately. But I would guess it is all geckos that are not Netscape 6/7. But IE is slowly losing market share. IE 5 lost 1.3% but IE 6 only gained 0.8% from January to February. So IE lost 0.5% but Mozilla gained 0.8%. Moz didn't get it from Opera, and only got 0.1% from old Netscapes so it must have gained the other 0.2% from the unlisted other/unknown category. And/or maybe they added more geckos like kmeleon, galeon, etc. to be under Mozilla.

But all in all a consistent gain even if it's small is good news. Because the switch won't happen over night. So the slow spread through word of mouth and outside exposure thanks to articles and reviews is working. This trend also could be following the trend of increasing use of linux.

On my low traffic domain IE is only at 78.5%, Moz 7.7%, Unknown 6.9 %, Netscape 4.5 %, Safari 1.2 %, firebird 0.5 %, Opera 0.3 % for february. I'm not sure where firefox is being reported. My guess is Unknown. But I was surprised to see firebird listed on it's own. My host put in a new stats package in December. IE was 84.7% in January. Firebird was 2.1% in January so it must have gone down due to the name change.

Another interesting thing is I'm getting is a small number of IE 7.01 hits. What's the deal here? Spoofed UAs?