W3Schools Records February Mozilla Usage Share of 9.0 Percent

Friday March 5th, 2004

jrs_66 noted that global Mozilla usage is growing fast, according to browser statistics from W3Schools. The latest figures state that Mozilla had a 9.0 percent usage share in February, up from 8.2 percent in January. The W3Schools data indicates that Mozilla's usage share has more than doubled in the last twelve months.

#14 Statistics are not so easy

by jimich

Tuesday March 9th, 2004 12:44 AM

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"So IE lost 0.5% but Mozilla gained 0.8%. "

--> which is the small representative unit? I mean, it is like some political survey: you ask the political choice to 3000 people but you get an uncertainty of 3 or 4 % ... so a gain of 0.8% on one month have to be set in relation with the incertainty percentage of the statistics ... how many unique visitor had visiting w3school???