W3Schools Records February Mozilla Usage Share of 9.0 Percent

Friday March 5th, 2004

jrs_66 noted that global Mozilla usage is growing fast, according to browser statistics from W3Schools. The latest figures state that Mozilla had a 9.0 percent usage share in February, up from 8.2 percent in January. The W3Schools data indicates that Mozilla's usage share has more than doubled in the last twelve months.

#11 Please stop reporting worthless figures...

by leafdigital

Monday March 8th, 2004 3:04 AM

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Yes indeed, it's entirely pointless to look at statistics from one particular relatively small site, especially one targeted toward web developers.

I would very strongly encourage MozillaZine staff not to report statistics from any individual small site (where 'small' means 'not comparable in size to Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.'), however favourable they appear to Mozilla. IMO such information is sent in either by misguided Mozilla supporters or, worst-case, by the sites themselves trying for a little publicity.

I also agree that the best public statistics are those from Google Zeitgeist. The most recent figures are for January 04. In terms of pixels on graph and then percentage share (of that total), those figures are: IE6 100 (68%), IE5.0 15 (10%), IE5.5 12 (8%), Other 9 (6%), Gecko 7 (5%), IE4 3 (2%).

So IE overall has about an 88% share, with Gecko at 5%. Gecko has actually been trending *very very* slowly upward on their graph (taking about 5 months to rise 1 pixel), while IE6 has been rising quickly (on the back of declines in IE5.x, obviously); in the most recent update it appear as if IE6's upward trend has slowed, but frankly there's not enough data to tell.

I wish they'd give their figures directly so that I didn't have to measure the graph :) By the way, I didn't try to 'second-guess' anti-aliasing, I just took the highest coloured pixel in each case.