Lockergnome Writer Switches to Mozilla Thunderbird

Tuesday March 2nd, 2004

Patrick writes: "Matt Hartley (of Lockergnome) posted an almost glowing review of Thunderbird, and explained why he's thrown off Outlook XP and switched to it as his primary e-mail program (still using Outlook for calendar, as the Calendar extention in TBird doesn't sync with his PDA)."

#24 How do I copy mail folders from laptop to desktop?

by bushe

Tuesday March 29th, 2005 2:14 PM

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Just started using TB 1.0 as replacement for Netscape 4.7, which was starting to not be able to read too many messages. In the past, when I travelled, I used a laptop to do my email and any email I wanted to keep I put into a special folder. When I got home I copied that folder into the mail directory on my desktop. When I try to do this with TB I get "access denied - the file is either read only or currently in use". I have gone into properties and unclicked "read only" for those folders I want to copy and replace but it has no effect - it appears to uncheck it but when I open properties again it is checked as read only again??

In Mozilla's knowledge base I found this: "If you want to transfer a mail file to another Mozilla profile or another installation of Mozilla, simply put the mail file into the other installation's Mail folder". It seems to say take a specific email from my laptop and transer it to the folder on my desktop but I have no idea how to do that short of re-emailing it to myself.