Lockergnome Writer Switches to Mozilla Thunderbird

Tuesday March 2nd, 2004

Patrick writes: "Matt Hartley (of Lockergnome) posted an almost glowing review of Thunderbird, and explained why he's thrown off Outlook XP and switched to it as his primary e-mail program (still using Outlook for calendar, as the Calendar extention in TBird doesn't sync with his PDA)."

#21 Re: Two things Mozilla needs to surpass Outlook...

by quien_sabe

Monday March 8th, 2004 9:19 AM

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Well I certainly agree with the the calendar tie-in. Hopefully some of the forthcomening groupware programs will be open enough that plugins will for Thunderbird will allow access. Until that time, I recently found a web-based groupware/calendar/task/project manager application that is meeting those needs wonderfully for me at the moment. If you need an integration of sorts as a stop-gap, do take a moment to check out <>